On Line Pattern Books
In order to make our ranges more accessible to customers who are unable to visit the shops, we are  in the process of creating a series of virtual collection books in an easy to use "flip book" style. These can also be downloaded for use on a laptop or tablet even when internet is not available.We are working on getting all of our collections into this format but some are already being hosted on our website under the Tab heading "Swatch Books."These can be accessed by your customer, who can make provisional selections before you go visit them to measure and quote and will help you make the most of your time. You can copy and share this link which will take you directly to our new bookshelf.
Here is a job we did this month to help this Optician prepare to get back to work. Our client asked us to come up with a solution to prevent his customers from picking up and handling  glasses frames, thereby potentially contaminating them for future customers. We suggested that they use our 120cm wide x 200cm high clear PVC Covid protection screens, to screen off their glasses frames, but still allow a member of staff to access the frames when needed.
Now what will happen is that customers can point out a frame (or selection of frames) from behind the protective screen, and an assistant will put these into a box for the customer to try on and make a final selection, whatever is not selected is cleaned before going back on display. The client now knows that what is on display has not been contaminated and can keep track of what has been touched by customers. The screens are movable and easily adjustable, and can therefore provide easy access. 

If you would like further details of this …
The question many of you are asking is  when will it be possible to reopen and start trading again?
As members of the British Blind and Shutters Association will already know, our trade body  has been working hard on our behalf to get the best advice and help members to get back to business safely. 
So long as you have determined it is safe to do so, the answer is "yes".

Regulations in England closing non-essential retail shops have a number of exemptions and one of those is 'homeware'.

Dictionary definitions of homewares include, furnishings and curtains. As such, Curtain/blind and furnishing retailers may open their premises as long as it is safe to do so.
The Government has produced Guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic: this can be seen here;
The requirements and legislation in Northern Ireland, S…
COVID-19 Transparent roll up barrier screen
COVID-19 has changed the world drastically. 
The first countries are slowly opening again, which is good news and a hopeful sign. This back to work comes with strict health and safety requirements that sit alongside social distancing and good hygiene. Adapting window coverings can make a significant contribution towards a safer workplace.

We have adapted an advertising banner by using a transparent and wipe-able PVC material to produce dividers for either screening between office desks or other work-spaces without losing any light, visibility or social contact.
COVID Transparent roll up barrier screen

Main features:
·Adjustable: These screens measure 85 cm wide and are adjustable up to 200 cm tall. ·Strong: The material is made of a robust 400 micron thick PVC. ·Cleanable and waterproof: ideal for providing the protection needed when social distancing is not                                                                          possible in a bus…
A brief Guide to Motorisation
The benefits of motorised blinds ·Comfort and privacy with the push of a button ·Completely child safe by design by eliminating cords and chains ·Motorisation keeps your blinds looking better for longer ·Operate blinds easily in difficult to reach places ·Somfy motors are compatible with leading “Smart Home” solutions ·All our motors carry a 5-year warranty

Want to step into spring? Installing spring roller blinds generally is a time-consuming job, especially in a recess. The blind needs to be kept in tension during transport and throughout the entire installation process, which used to require two people or a mounting profile. With our smart installation lock, this is a thing of the past. As soon as the blind clicks into the brackets the lock automatically pops out and the blind is installed on tension. Next, the rolling speed of the blind can easily be adjusted with the left control wheel, while the right wheel allows you to set the top position of the bottom bar. These wheels can be operated both inside and outside the recessWatch the installation video.

Summary of the benefits of our Ultimate Spring System

As easy to use as a chain operated blind but without the need for any breakaway or tension device.Completely child safe by design.Easy Installation.Intuitive operation.Available in 6 colours with plastic caps white, off white, grey, …
New Twin Pull
As easy to use as a chain operated blind but without the need for any breakaway or tension device.Completely child safe by design.The only child safe by design non-motorised solution that can be used on Horizon blinds and installations at height.Chains can be made to length to suit required use.Installation as easy as traditional chain mechanism.Intuitive operation.Available in 6 colours white, off white, grey, anthracite, black and bronze.Matching bottom bar available also.