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Here is a job we did this month to help this Optician prepare to get back to work. Our client asked us to come up with a solution to prevent his customers from picking up and handling  glasses frames, thereby potentially contaminating them for future customers. We suggested that they use our 120cm wide x 200cm high clear PVC Covid protection screens, to screen off their glasses frames, but still allow a member of staff to access the frames when needed. Now what will happen is that customers can point out a frame (or selection of frames) from behind the protective screen, and an assistant will put these into a box for the customer to try on and make a final selection, whatever is not selected is cleaned before going back on display. The client now knows that what is on display has not been contaminated and can keep track of what has been touched by customers. The screens are movable and easily adjustable, and can therefore provide easy access.  If you would like fur