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  CREATE THE PERFECT PLACE TO WORK FROM HOME Home has never played a more important role in our lives. It is the place where we wake up, relax and recharge. Where we have fun. Where we feel comfortable. For many though, the home has now taken on a new dimension: that of ‘the home office’. We are therefore now facing a new challenge. How can we create the perfect place to work from home? THE ESSENCE OF DAYLIGHT It seems obvious that bright rooms provide more energy. Yet, too much light can have the opposite effect. Your laptop screen becomes difficult to read; making you pinch your eyes to see what is on it. Not to mention the sunlight that shines straight into your eyes. This causes loss of concentration and energy, which makes you feel tired after a day working at home. OPTIMise VISUAL COMFORT The solution? The perfect choice of window coverings. The Sunscreen fabrics in our collections which are used in buildings all over the world, are designed to optimise visual, thermal and acoust